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It's really feasible to UPGRADE to private properties without even needing extra cash

in the pocket?

Having a household income of only $7,000 onwards, I will demonstrate the way to accomplish it!

Case Study #1: HDB

Mr and Mrs Chew, both 36 years old, with a combined income of $7k.

Their Original Plan

To sell their 4-room flat and buy a Executive Condo.

After A Strategic Asset Progression Planning with me:

Without using any of their savings, they managed to upgrade

to a 4-room condominium.

And they even have a cash reserve of $135,000. With their reserve, their road map even allow them to invest in a second property!

Case Study #2: Condominium

Calvin and Alicia, 37 and 33 years old, with a combined income of $11,000.

Their Original Plan:

To sell their 5-room HDB and buy a condo or EC

After A Strategic Asset Progression Planning with me:

Now upgraded to a 3 room condominium AND a 1 room studio apartment.

They have a cash balance of $180,000. They are now paying lesser if compared to owning one condo due to their passive rental income from their 1 room studio apartment.

A STABLE & ACHIEVABLE asset development plan, allowing You to attain wealth sooner

A real estate investment "Road Map" in projected stages

Statistics and data to determine the right property for you.

Ways to attain extensive possible realisation of properties and achieve financial freedom earlier

How you can leverage on your investment for an early retirement.

Market insights on which property you should or should not invest.

And knowing the all-important queries that you need to inquire before buying any property.

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